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This page includes the set of artifacts provided to the OMG the week of May 18th 2015 as the submission for the Indices and Indicators (IND) FTF (finalization task force) 1 Report. 

The main modifications made to the specification during this FTF are itemized in the report itself, and include:

  • Addition of "about" files at the specification, specification version, and module levels
  • Clean up of the metadata in the headers of the actual ontologies to delete duplicated material that is now part of the about files
  • Elimination of the default namespace and of redundant (unnecessary) imports in the OWL files (and in related model artifacts)
  • Correction of a number of the ontologies to reflect changes made to Foundations in the final (RTF) version of the specification approved in December 2014
  • Correction of a few issues in the ontologies to reflect changes made to Business Entities in the FTF-1 version of the specification approved in March 2015

Revised Specification – Redlined and Clean Versions

Indices and Indicators (IND) Beta 2 Specification (clean) – IND-FTF1-clean-dtc-15-05-11.docx

Indices and Indicators (IND) Beta 2 Specification (redlined) – IND-FTF1-redline-dtc-15-05-12.docx

FTF-1 Report

Indices and Indicators FTF-1 Report – dtc-15-05-10.pdf

Ancillary Zip file with report attachments -

RDF/XML Serialized OWL Files (dtc/2015-05-13)

About Files (Specification Level)

AboutIND – describes the IND specification itself – AboutIND.rdf

AboutIND-1.0 – describes this version of the specification (5/18/2015 submission to the OMG), and imports all of FND, BE, and IND – AboutIND-1.0.rdf

Economic Indicators Module

AboutEconomicIndicators – describes the economic indicators module – AboutEconomicIndicators.rdf

EconomicIndicators ontology – EconomicIndicators.rdf

EconomicIndicatorPublishers ontology – EconomicIndicatorPublishers.rdf

Foreign Exchange Module

AboutForeignExchange – describes the foreign exchange module – AboutForeignExchange.rdf

ForeignExchange ontology – ForeignExchange.rdf

Indicators Module

AboutIndicators – describes the indicators module – AboutIndicators.rdf

Indicators ontology – Indicators.rdf

Interest Rates Module

AboutInterestRates – describes the interest rates module – AboutInterestRates.rdf

InterestRates ontology – InterestRates.rdf

InterestRatePublishers ontology – InterestRatePublishers.rdf

Other Files Submitted with the IND FTF-1 Report 

ODM XMI zip file –

UML XMI corresponding to the ODM / UML Profiles for RDF and OWL (zip file) –

Visual Ontology Modeler (VOM) / MagicDraw model files –

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