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So today we noted that this is our last IND-only call.  Next week Pete is out of town and the following Friday is Good Friday, so we will kick off our joint SEC/IND work on 4/22.  Elisa will modify that call to be an hour and a half going forward.

We also looked at the SecurityRelatedCorporateActions ontology in CAE and CreditEvents in FBC/Debt, and at our open issues related to corporate actions generally.  There are three that we want to look at over the next couple of weeks including (1) IND-111 to address punning, (2) IND-117 for reconciling credit events and security-related corporate actions, and (3) a new one, IND-120, making security-related corporate actions ready for release.  We also need to continue our work in reconciling the current ontologies with the GLEIF work that Pete and Jeff have been working on.  For the GLEIF codes, we should map what we have to the GLEIF ontologies.

We should review the L1 ontology Pete provided that corresponds to the grouping of the GLEIF corporate actions, which includes sequencing for some events, which is complicated so we need to review that and address those requirements in our GLIEF-specific ontology.  We raised issue IND-121 to investigate that in particular.


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