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Currently we have the top level set of actions and definitions, but not any of the related properties.  We've split the securities-specific actions out from the business/legal entity ones, but that's really only the first step.  In order for these concepts to assist people in processing the data associated with these actions, we need a lot more in terms of properties.  This may expand not only the ontologies we have but the number of ontologies may increase.

We agreed to keep the ontologies under CAE as a consequence, rather than moving them elsewhere, and to work through at least the properties that are needed to adequately define those actions that are specific to an organization prior to releasing the top level corporate actions ontology.

We also reviewed a number of the resources we've been collecting for the GLEIF corporate actions details, but some of the more critical links appear to be broken.  Hopefully we will get them from Pete next week, or for our next working session.

Note that next week's call is at risk because Elisa will be traveling on Friday to Washington D.C. for the OMG Technical meeting.  All calls the week of 3/21 will be cancelled as well due to the OMG meeting.


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