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Today we talked a little about visualization for documentation of the ontologies - there is a tool from the University of Madrid that provides some interesting UML-like graphics, albeit incomplete with respect to things like property chains.  See for details.  We also looked at the Tom Sawyer site, at their perspectives tool, which claims to support RDF, but we need to inquire about OWL.

We also discussed next steps on corporate actions, post IND-115, which split the codes our of the corporate actions ontology.  Next steps include adding missing concepts to allow for support of the GLEIF actions to the main corporate actions ontology.

We also discussed next steps on what it would take to release LoanCore - some concepts such as payment schedule and history need to be connected directly to a loan, and then we need to add details to payment history to cover notions such as how many times payments were late and by how much over the lifetime of the loan to address some of the reporting requirements.  If we can cover the 30 required fields of the ILDR report, that might be sufficient to allow us to release the LoanCore ontology as a next step.


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