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1) Use Case reminder

2) Where we are on our road map. 

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We're lacking a good definition of program in FIBO to talk about some of the programs that Dan is getting involved in at the Department of Labor.  One way of thinking about a program is that it involves some set of activities, and some group of processes are developed to carry out those activities.  So a program would be a coordinated set of activities.  Then you can tie that back to some set of constraints on the activities and/or requirements.

Need to reach out to Harsh to find out the status of the use case(s) for AML, to uncover gaps related to, for example, compliance program and activities related to them.  Also might want to be able to connect laws and/or regulations to programs, such as to be able to represent the high-level concepts around data collection to address some compliance program.  It could be interesting to track changes in regulations over time and how that impacts programs, related data collection, and so forth.  For example, laws related to employee benefits, etc. change from administration to administration, and so the data required to address the requirements may or may not be comparable.  Understanding how requirements change is fundamental to understanding comparability of the data, especially time-dependent data.  You can't have a time series if the data is not comparable, but there might be something you could compare ...  you could still then look at how well some agency is performing oversight in that context, but understanding how the regulations apply when is critical to understanding the framework.

What we have related to laws and regulations in FIBO really should be linked to compliance programs, among other things, and that very high-level view should probably be outlined in at least one use case.  We have a description in DER with respect to counterparty exposure, but we should review the laws that are relevant and then link from the law to the relevant definitions for the data that needs to be collected to be compliant.  We could use affiliate as the basis for doing something along these lines.  For example, different regulations have different definitions of affiliate ... how would someone ask the question, what's all the data relevant to reg w? There should be a way to connect the requirements in a law or regulation to the data you are connecting to it ...those variables should be represented to the degree possible.


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