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There are several additional classes we should include: (1) part time for economic reasons and possibly the break-down there, which would be part of the underemployed population, (2) part time for non-economic reasons, where the comparison between the two is an important, (3) as another component of underemployment -- underemployed with respect to occupation and duties, i.e., does your current employment reflect your training and experience, excluding those that change careers.

We are also missing the breakdown related to duration of unemployment - less than 5 weeks, 5 to 14 weeks, 15 to 26 weeks, 27 weeks and over, which are also important.

For duration of unemployment, in the US see, and in Canada see The OECD has categories that apply world-wide - see  Categories include: (1) < 1 month, (2) > 1 month and < 3 months, (3) > 3 months and <6 months, (4) > 6 months and < 1 year, and (5) > 1 year.  

To make these numbers comparable, we should understand how the US data map to the OECD data, and similarly with Statistics Canada.  Weeks is more accurate, but it's important to understand how the comparison works before we make a decision on how to do this.  Because FIBO is intended to be international, Dan suggests we use the OECD categories.


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