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For U-1, see  The people that are considered systematically unemployed are included in the table, under 'duration of unemployment', last two rows of that section of the table (15-26 weeks, 27 and over).  These folks correspond to U-1.  

Then in the same table, for U-2, the row that describes 'Job losers and persons who completed temporary jobs' is the population needed to represent U-2.  Dan was not sure whether or not the persons unemployed for 15 weeks or longer also need to be included in calculating U-2.  But after some calculations, he believes that U-2 is simply the ratio of 'Job losers and persons who completed temporary jobs' to the total number in the civilian non-institutional population.

There may also be a classification change coming with respect to those people that are employed but temporarily not working, and those that have been laid off ... the issues with businesses that aren't going to reopen are important.


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