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1) Use Case reminder

2) Where we are on our road map. 

3) Open Action Items

4) JIRA Issues Review -

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6) For next week.


Reviewed our minutes from 5/8 (2020-05-08 Meeting notes) to see where things stand related to progress on the unemployment rate and work that we should be doing near term.  

 With respect to the more detailed report on aspects of the unemployment rate available at, Dan will provide some additional definitions to allow us to support (a) people that are marginally attached to the work force, (b) chronically unemployed (U-1), (c) people that are part time but want to work full time and other underemployed people, (d) discouraged workers, and whatever else we need to represent the details expressed in that table.  Most of these will be intentional definitions rather than extensional, and it may be the week of Jul 10th before he can get these to us due to other BLS work.

There are other issues we need to revisit in 2020-05-08 Meeting notes at a higher level, though, which we will investigate next week.  These include relationships between quantity values and scoped measures that we may have muddied (or maybe not).

We also want to make sure that we can represent the absolute numbers in addition to the ratios / percentages - if we have the fundamental concepts then we may not need the derivations, although having their definitions will help people understand the published numbers.


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