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Today's discussion was focused mainly on what it will take to promote the basket index ontology to released status.  We have already partially modeled the DJIA and S&P500, but there is additional material in that ontology that we have not created any examples for.  While we are concerned about the IP issues related to modeling credit indices, there is, in addition to equity index, another kind of reference index mentioned in the ontology: an index based on a basket of indices.  After some amount of research, we agreed that the one we should attempt to model is 'The Composite Index of Leading Indicators', otherwise known as the Leading Economic Index (LEI), published monthly by The Conference Board.  Doing so will help us tease out the components of the current reference index class, which should really be a subclass of both NumericIndex and EconomicIndex (as should Producer and Consumer Price Index).

To do that, we think that some restrictions of EconomicIndex may need to be relaxed, including hasCoverageArea, hasSeriesOrigin, and isSeasonallyAdjusted, and then NumericIndex and EconomicIndicator need to be better 'normalized'.  Some indicators are not indices, but all indices should be children of NumericIndex and EconomicIndicator.


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