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1) Use Case reminder

2) Where we are on our road map. 

3) Open Action Items

4) JIRA Issues Review -

5) Todays content discussion.




6) For next week.


Need to add Ashwin to the wiki and JIRA and make sure that he gets GitHub access.

For next week, Ashwin will review the draft use case and provide feedback - focus will be on making sure what we have said makes sense, that we have a good list of indices, and to add usage scenarios/questions.

Some gaps uncovered while reviewing the ontology:

Elisa Kendall (to Everyone): 9:14 AM: Every index should have base date and base value

Elisa Kendall (to Everyone): 9:15 AM: current value is based on the reference date (base date) and base value

Elisa Kendall (to Everyone): 9:15 AM: Need to define weighting and on how that is defined - based on market cap or free float

Elisa Kendall (to Everyone): 9:16 AM: Total market cap is #shares x value of those shares; free float is basically the total number of shares held by investors, excluding promoters (free float market cap)

Elisa Kendall (to Everyone): 9:17 AM: Essentially this is calculation methodology for valuation purposes

Elisa Kendall (to Everyone): 9:18 AM: Rebalancing date - when and at what frequency, for example, are the 500 stocks the right ones - typically quarterly, monthly or annually, so that users of the index know when it will be reconstituted.  Reconstitution information must be published and available

Elisa Kendall (to Everyone): 9:18 AM: Basis for rebalancing must also be available to the users of the index

Elisa Kendall (to Everyone): 9:19 AM: Change the class name from equity reference index to equity index

Elisa Kendall (to Everyone): 9:22 AM: Currency needs to be set - in which currency will the price be calculated, and which execution venue will the price be calculated from, e.g., NYSE (may not be an exchange)

Elisa Kendall (to Everyone): 9:25 AM: Holiday schedule - for the execution venue also must be published ... when will the index value be calculated / published if there is a holiday

Elisa Kendall (to Everyone): 9:26 AM: Also if the indices are in multiple currencies you have to take the spot rate into account


Action items