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Conceptual definition of market indicies including the components of "equity indexes", "baskets of equities" and how things become "members of the basket"

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  1. From Dan Gillman:   

    1.      Consumer Price Index (CPI) – This is a measure of the percentage change in prices as compared to some base starting point. The name CPI covers many indices for the US, and these include the entire US,  selected metro areas, and several goods and services. The indices are published as numbers, and the percent above or below the start value of 100 shows how much growth (or loss) in prices there has been since the start. Likewise, finding the percent change between 2 intermediate periods shows the growth over that interval. CPIs are not comparable against each other, though. If the CPI for apparel in Boston for Nov 2018 is 141.28 and that in Washington for the same time is 165.96, then this does not mean apparel is more expensive in Washington than in Boston. It only means the price has gone up faster in Washington from what it was at the base (beginning) period. The prices at the base period were not necessarily the same.

    2.      Manufacturing Diffusion Index (MDI) – This is a measure of change in the number of jobs across manufacturing industries. Each manufacturing industry (a grouping of similar manufacturing companies) is given the same weight, so the comparison is based on gains or losses, not on actual numbers. Gainers are given a value of 1, losers a value of 0, and 0.5 is given to those that stay the same. The index is the average (a percent if multiplied by 100) of those assigned numbers. A month in which the number of gainers equals the number of losers provides an index of 50%. In the same way the CPI is only comparable as a measure of change, the MDI only measures change with respect to the previous month. The difference with the CPI is there is no base period. The MDI is provided only as a percentage