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1) Use Case reminder

2) Where we are on our road map. 

3) Open Action Items

4) JIRA Issues Review -

5) Todays content discussion.




6) For next week.



  •  Dan Gillman (BLS), David Saul (State Street), Pete Rivett (Adaptive), Ron Cruz (Apple Bank), Elisa Kendall (Thematix), Mike Atkin (EDMC)

 JIRA Review

  • JIRA 33, 22 and 24 are underway and scheduled for completion next week
  • JIRA 22 – definition of statistical program needs to be updated
    • Added the concept of geographic region (has coverage area) to replace (“governed a region” and “applied to”
    • Definition of “statistical program” needs to be updated
    • Concept of “statistical measure” needs enhanced definition
    • Additional restrictions and other properties are needed
    • JIRA 73 and 74 have been addressed by EK
  • FND-231 has been raised by PR on adjustments to “location”

 New Business

  •  Work to expand the content for IND is scheduled to kick off on Friday, January 18 (focus on market indices)
  • Agenda (Overview of what currently exists within IND (and how structured); Preliminary approach to market indices; Feedback from participants and recruitment of volunteers


8:34 AM: Indices (1/11/19)

8:35 AM: JIRA review - IND 33, 22, 24 underway - target for completion for next week (22 may require additional discussion)

8:38 AM: Expansion of content (market indices, reference, credit, equity) - set to begin next week

8:39 AM: Mike Pool and EK will define approach for next week development call

8:40 AM: Structure of meeting - overview of existing (what exists) --> work with BLS and StatCan on economic indicators --> gap with market indices (show what exists)

8:41 AM: Need basic use cases for structuring the ongoing work for IND (industry/vertical specific as well as core market indices)

8:42 AM: EK to create draft for evaluation prior to meeting

8:44 AM: Goal of next week - feedback and volunteers

8:44 AM: JIRA (73,74) have been addressed by EK

8:47 AM: Statistical Area (added the concept of geographic region; <has coverage area> is used instead of <governed a region> (wrong concept) and <applies to> (also replaced with <has coverage area>) - reflects requirements for BLS and StatCan

8:49 AM: JIRA 22 - definition of a statistical program needs to be updated and the concept of a statistical measure is under-defined (used the UN statistical definition) but still need to add more restrictions about <Population> and other properties

8:51 AM: EK hasn't completed the adjustments for statistical measure - they require a bit more effort and will be addressed this coming week

8:55 AM: Statistical Area (currently extension of geographic region) - still retains physical location to maintain link to FIBO.  PR suggests to make it a subclass of "location" rather than "physical location" - to make it more generic

8:56 AM: Physical location = physical point (rather than a polygon which describes and area).  Perhaps we need both a "point" and "area"

8:59 AM: DS - why is this concept in IND (define jurisdiction for reporting purposes as well as to define the legal structure that applies) - the core concept is to define what controls specific locations (i.e. laws that apply for buying and selling of securities) - not trying to define physical locations in general - only as they relate to financial instruments

9:00 AM: (Pete Rivett) I raised FND-231

9:01 AM: Conclusion - no further problem to address in IND (PR will raise his goals as part of FND)


Action items