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Discussed the need to represent Statistical Process / program properly - the definitions and link to the statistical processes used internationally is  For statistics related to economic indicators and any statistics gathered by national statistical organizations (producers of official statistics), this defines the processes used to develop those statistics.  Used by national statistics organizations of member countries of the U.N., mainly EU, Canada, and the US overall, but any country that wants to participate can use it.  Also used by international statistics organizations, including FAO, etc.  Private companies such as polling companies like Gallup have not been involved in the development of this standard.


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  1. From Lucy:  The title is “A statistical program….” But then the body refers to a process.  I’d say, that a “program” is a product, for example, “monthly GDP”.  This is a program, and a product.  Very closely linked.  Whereas a statistical process is a process (which could be linked to GSBPM, for example).  They are most definitely two different things.