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1) Use Case reminder

2) Where we are on our road map. 

3) Open Action Items

4) JIRA Issues Review -

5) Todays content discussion.




6) For next week.


Two additional missing indicators: PCE (personal consumption expenditures) and housing starts that are needed – PCE for defining inflation, and housing starts per OFR.

Still need to add statistical error, sampling error, other potential measures of error, and percent change.

Need to model an example for a person whose business is run out of their house – representation of both the establishment and the household, to show how that would work.  The approach StatCan uses is to separate the legal structure from the operating structure from the statistical structure.  The statistical structure is based on the operating structure / accounting data.  A location only needs to publish revenues, whereas an operating unit has employment statistics, etc. – Lucy will send some definitions for us to review to get this right.

Link to definitions of statistical units (enterprise, establishment, household, etc.):

Review the explanatory note for establishment saying only one service, which is really about how the statistical structure is generated.  It mainly has to do with having one NAICS code associated with an establishment for statistical purposes, not necessarily limiting an establishment to a single offering.

Need to think more about the relationship between an establishment and an enterprise – where an establishment could potentially be part of more than one enterprise depending on how the accounting works, so potentially we need a new property to represent that relationship rather than isPartOf, although there is a hierarchical relationship between an establishment and an enterprise.  Consider teasing this out via individuals and possibly with Dan's assistance once he is back from travel.

Slides from this week – 


Action items