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1)  Use Case reminder.

2)  Where  we are on our road map. 

3)  Open Action Items

4 ) JIRA Issues Review

5)  Todays content discussion.





6)  For next week.


Reviewed the status of the IND FTF report to the OMG, including a brief discussion of the minimal AB comments received.  Walked through our open issues, including those raised by Dan after reading through the specification document.  Discussed open actions – David will look for details on common interest rates from his colleagues.  Discussed the possibility of BLS and Statistics Canada submitting a BCQ for the specification when the time is right. Lucy will send some pointers to Canadian regulators so that we can add them to FBC.

No meeting next week due to the OMG technical meeting.  Next meeting will be 9/23.  Need to ask Dennis to set up a new meeting starting 9/23 until the week prior to the December OMG meeting.  Lucy will not be available until 10/7, and Dan will only be available 10/14 in October due to travel constraints.



Action items