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Welcome to the home for the FIBO Vendor Team!

Documentation and other materials for the team. 

JIRA issues related to this Team are found here.


Meeting Schedule

The FIBO Vendor Team meets weekly on Wednesdays 1430-1530 Eastern Time USA.

Popular Topics by Label

Open Issues and Actions

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
Dennis Wisnosky2016-04-27 Meeting notes
  • Mike Bennett MB to make Debt available as merged, soon after red FIBO raw version (unmerged is done.Training: use Wes and Elie to see how this works.  Can make Foundations and one of the upper level pieces and work through that.  We can start with the FBC material and work on that with Wes and Eile.  That's a pre­requisite for the Debt merge anyway.
Mike Bennett2016-03-23 Meeting notes
  • Mike Bennett 

     ACTUS alignment after that, with Debt early parts.  Also need to progress the Patterns stuff MB will deliver initial part of that.

Mike Bennett2016-03-23 Meeting notes
  • Mike Bennett Reduce to 1 line even for the universal and existential ones where the domain and range are the same to be added to anti patterns.
Mike Bennett2016-03-02 Meeting notes
  • Mike Bennett Action Mike B to put code that can support INFRA-96 in GitHub in /etc. INFRA-99 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Mike Bennett2015-08-05 Meeting notes
  • Dennis Wisnosky Dennis will add another section to the BTDM document for standard documentation of our proceedings.
Dennis Wisnosky2015-06-03 Meeting notes

JIRA Issues

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Our Team

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