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Elisa shows FND progress related to BE.  Eliminate reasoning errors and some trivial things.  DN what about the LEI work? Elisa This is still in work. DN Surprised this is not related to other concepts such as juridical person. Elisa Some legal forms are now generated from the GLEIF structure.Need to figure out how to automated. Too many to map manually.  Some not in English. 

DN Want to understand the semantics of the LEI legal form. Where does this fit in our plug in architecture.  Somewhere under juridical person?  Need to understand the EK approach as opposed to generate plugins for each jurisdiction. EK would require much much manual mapping because there are thousands. DA Could this even be done?  Is it possible? Would really wan to map each of the legal forms to all of the features. Elisa shows a table 2017-11-30_elf-code. DN Yes, but there needs to be plug ins from other countries that can inherit from FIBO.  EK Did this just to proved a way to connect the entity legally form if a user wants to do this from the GLIEF entity legal form. DN If loading from GLIEF and see that there is a corporation. Then what? If we have a corporation as a kind of FIBO legal entity then we see this on the legal form. Does that make sense? EK This could be done, but most of the values don't exist. Jeff We can make DER too The intent of the table is to show only the actual phases of the individual cultures, not to classify them. Classification is a separate exercise.  Meant to be actual phrases, not classification.

Max From a Derivatives point, this is a distraction.  Don't need this. Can resolve with BE content. Can make DER too complicated. 

Elisa Maybe better to have a separate BE call. 

DN re LEI, some time ago there was an idea to specify both eligible and registered LEI's. Now, there is only a one way. An LEI identifies exactly one legal person or corporation, etc. DN seems less ambiguous than earlier. Isn't this then always min 1? Elisa, no because everything does not intrinsically have an LEI. Elisa can infer it. DN Want the model to tell me.  DA Can't infer.  Don't always have one to one. Can't follow logically because min 0 has no logical meaning. Elisa If FIBO is a data model, then can have min 0. DN Happy to have this on a selective basis. Case by case.  For LEI need min 0 because it is totally clear. Else need to create complex rules. Just put it in FIBO because it adds clarity and is correct.

Elisa Then this is wrt legal person? DN for sure for LE, if what to abstract to person, ok but that would be a very rare case. L=Elisa applies to Polities also. DN Defer to Elisa judgment as long as it is in LE, is happy for whatever Elisa wants.  Elisa "This is like nails on a chalkboard for me to do this". DA offers a compromise based on work done earlier by DN, DA, MU.  We can put it in as a layer on top of FIBO. All agree.

ACTION: All look at the wiki and discuss at the next meeting. DA to find the wiki and post it to these proceedings.


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