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20171107 FIBO CFTC Pilot

JN: There is support on moving forward to give FIBO anonymized data. Shrini wants this. In the meantime, JN is putting dummy data together as the anonymized data release is moving through the process. Doing the demo with dummy data will also be a powerful message. OCE is backing JN because they want the huge time saver of having the Logical and conceptual diagrams and the DD. This would be a huge win.

DN When would we have real data. JN Can't speculate.

JN Show IRS and the link to FIBO and then can extend to corporate diagrams and DD. Beginning with IRS as one of the 5 asset classes should lead to CFTC coming up with time and resources for a project.

DN Represent the data in the ANZO platform. Represent the data in a graph visualization and the DD. JN Exactly - show how the conceptual and logical diagrams and the DD all come from FIBO. All comes from FIBO, the diagrams and the triples.

DN - 1 Autogen the DD, 2 Create on the ANZO dashboard for the user to query the data and view a visualization. JN Yes! CFTC has never had a DD. And has never had Conceptual and Logical Diagrams.

DN We could not do the entire corporate DD, etc. now, but we could do the IRS because of all of the work that EK has done.

DN to DA what can we do with the ANZO diagraming system? DA Not able yet to do good visualization with ANZO. They can really do analytics, Need to check back and see what is new in the diagraming capabilities. DN There are many tools that can do graph visualization if ANZO can't do it like we want. Then we should look for another visualization vendor.

JN CFTC does not care who the vendor is. Just need to sell the concept based on FIBO. Then we can also link other ontologies such as D&B T-R and more. The powerful message is that we an link FIBO to other ontologies.

DN We can show visualizations, but not as a user friendly tool. JN Not worried about tools, we will get to that later.

DN Use lower case FIBO Master. DO NOT USE MASTER, use master.

EK looking at Protege, if we have a precise set of queries we want to show, then can craft the string of data to do that. But, need real fake individuals for testing. Else, can't test if the model really works. DN We see an element in the DD called SDR ID, but FIBO has constructs that reflect the meaning, not the individual words. EK can find any individual identifier. DN In the short term it is easier to create many many explicitly labeled elements. But, the efficiency is from not labeling the world. Instead train to use FIBO as the standard.

JN gives example of CME linked to many many capabilities that FIBO will automatically link without explicit labels.

DN FIBO is the new world.

EK Need to pick 2 or 3 concepts that need to be traversed end to end. Can do this now for some elements. CME for example can be walked end to end. Could mock up Contract parties with real or fake data to do to show FIBO is not limited to the 4 SDRs. This could show the exposure that a bank has to all swaps.

DN to EK Where r we on DER 31? EK Not there yet.

EK talking about the relationship between a product and an instrument. There r UML models showing this. DN That is really really important stuff. We need this. Could be leveraged by many many companies. DN has done something similar.

EK Many conversations taking place and they are showing where restrictions need to be added. according to SME. EK will ping David Saul to get his SME's to help populated the CFTC spreadsheet. Finding bugs as is proceeding and doing pull requests.09 EK shows a Bloomberg report that also is incomplete. Needs real data for testing. Intends to confer with David Saul of SS.

ACTION DA and EK to work through latest spreadsheet and work through gaps.


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