Current target: 2019Q1.5 Release

Housekeeping JIRAs (namespaces etc.)Inconsistencies in namespace abbreviations
Simple / mechanical JIRAsBasic JIRAs requiring a simple, uncontroversial textual change
Remove dependencies in FND on TimeExt and other deprecable ontologiesInternal references within Ext content for these ontologies to be removed
Ratings conceptsReview and approve Ratings FND ontology to support work in FBC/IND etc.
High level abstractions for codes etc.Finalize and implement policy on making high level abstractions available for information-like things; keep clear distinction between a code (for an application) and the thing the code is about
Remove redundant ontologies

Removal of any Ext material that is no longer referenced in ontologies that are not themselves in Ext status

Note that concepts that were created for future known finance industry content are to be retained, but moved to Provisional.

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