This set of pages is the source of requirements (use cases) for Foundations, to support the other FIBO Content Teams.

This is where we track the conceptual abstractions or semantic primitives that are needed as building blocs to build out ontologies for the FIBO industry subject matter.

For simplicity, some abstractions which would later prove to need to be in FBC (e.g. finance-specific measurement concepts) will also be collated here and then passed on to the FBC Content Team.


  1. For each new thing you create in an ontology: "What kind of Thing is this?"
    1. - this will usually indicate a more general concept that is either in Foundations or needs to be.
  2. For each new thing, "What distinguishes it from other things of the same kind?"
    1. this will usually indicate the need for an object property framed in terms of some general concept
    2. again that this will either be in Foundations, or needs to be

 If you can't find the relevant basic concepts in Foundations (or in some cases, in FBC), please record the requirement on one of the linked pages - the FCT team will work out what is needed and turn these in to JIRA issues.

FCT Requirements - at source

  • Business Entities
  • Financial Business and Commerce
  • Indices and Indicators
  • Loans
  • Securities
    • Common
    • Equities
    • Debt

FCT Requirements Discussion and Analysis

Loans - more recent feedback (FND page)


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