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Objectives of the FND FCT

The primary goal of the Foundations FCT is to maintain the fundamental underpinnings of the FIBO ontologies. To do this, we maintain the content of the FIBO Foundations Domain. 

Use Cases

Our primary use case is to supply foundational abstractions for other FIBO FCTs. There are no direct industry use cases for the content in Foundations, though specialist areas such as Risk may be extended by industry participants ahead of other Domain FCTs making use of or extending these. 


Activities in support of the above are primarily the review and implementation of Jiras for FND. These are usually raised by other FCTs in response to requirements for foundational abstractions needed to support their content. 

When appropriate, these reviews include some semantic analysis of proposed changes in Foundations. This is to ensure conceptual integrity and reusability of the released FIBO ontologies in Foundations. 

The FND FCT meets weekly to review and triage new and existing Jiras, discuss and agree actions for non-trivial ones, and work on Foundations concepts in areas needed by other FCTs as these become known, for example for Ratings, for temporality and so on. 


Open Actions

Conceptual concerns

Meeting Schedule

The FIBO-FND FCT meets weekly on Tuesdays 1500-1600 Eastern Time USA


Popular Topics by Label

Open Issues and Actions

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
Jefferson Braswell2019-10-15 Meeting notes
Mike Bennett2019-10-15 Meeting notes
  • Mike Bennett Come up with a suitable Business Scenario template based on the OE Use Case template but geared towards business scenario information and semantics requirements.
Mike Bennett2019-05-28 Meeting notes
  • Mike Bennett Go through existing Release content for any failures to position content at the appropriate levels of abstraction
Mike Bennett2019-05-28 Meeting notes
  • Mike Bennett Add examples to the FIBO Domain wiki FCT landing page
Mike Bennett2019-04-30 Meeting notes
  • Mike Bennett Replace the Roadmap spreadsheet with wiki stuff
Mike Bennett2019-04-30 Meeting notes
  • Mike Bennett Dig out origins of FND-244 and bring to next week's FCT with diagrams, so we can establish original issue and close it out
Mike Bennett2019-04-30 Meeting notes
  • Mike Bennett move the 'Conceptual' explanatory material from the FND FCT landing page to a sub page, with a link; extend and expand with examples. 
Mike Bennett2019-04-30 Meeting notes
  • Mike Bennett MB to review old ontologies and create an Excel spreadsheet reflecting his "opinion" about the level of business review for ontologies that aren't currently used in Release or Development
Mike Bennett2019-04-02 Meeting notes
  • Mike Bennett MB to map from elements in Ext that have already been replaced at the class and property level
Mike Bennett2019-04-02 Meeting notes
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  • Mike Bennett calendar a special meeting to focus on a PoC for physical addresses.
Mike Bennett2019-01-22 Meeting notes
Dean Allemang2019-01-22 Meeting notes
  • Mike Bennett will raise a JIRA to move certain things from someplace to someplace else
Mike Bennett2018-11-06 Meeting notes
  • Mike Bennett  contact BE about possible use cases for the Capacity related concepts.
Mike Bennett2018-10-23 Meeting notes
Cory Casanave2018-09-04 Meeting notes
  • Elisa Kendall will raise a JIRA dealing with the quantity requirements discussed at 20180703 DER meeting that belong to FND.
Elisa Kendall2018-07-03 Meeting notes
  • Mike Bennett test CCM V19 to see if versionIRI problem fixed. If yes, proceed with import. If not - wait
Mike Bennett2018-07-03 Meeting notes
  • Mike Bennett to do the deprecations from FND on Geopolicitcal entity and County  and to ask Elisa what she really means by the remainder. This will be on the FND homework agenda 20180601.
Mike Bennett2018-05-29 Meeting notes
  • Mike Bennett contact the "Russian fellow" to get him working with us
Mike Bennett2018-04-10 Meeting notes

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