1) News

2) Housekeeping
–Wiki / mission statement and roadmap
–Public web / wiki requirements
–Recent Pull Requests

3) Informative (Ext) ontologies disposition

4) Jira Status and triage

5) FND Roadmap for Q1.5 Release

6) AoB


Proceedings were captured in the slides - no note taking this week. 

Discussion focused around the new wiki requirements and required new web content for FIBO FCTs and domains. 

Note that we did not get to the agenda item of the disposition of the Informative ontologies (slides 9ff). 


  • Do write-ups per topical area not Domain
  • Dates is another such (Cory) when to use which
    • When to use reified date and the like versus reified date/Time versus DateTime Datatype as seen in the data
  • Understand the different usage contexts for FIBO
    • When you can map to what; how not to limit that

Action items


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  1. Here are the slides: