Mike Bennett

Bobbin Teegarden

Robert Trypuz

John Gemski

Maxwell Gillmore

Pete Rivett

Jefferson Braswell


1) News

2) Housekeeping
–Wiki / mission statement and roadmap
–Public web / wiki requirements
–Recent Pull Requests

3) Temporality Resolutions

4) Jira Status and triage

5) FND Roadmap for Q1.5 Release

6) AoB


Pre-meeting chat

(covers one of the later slides we did not get to, on recent Pull Requests / FND-244)

Use of Objective; Religious Organization; Purpose

PR: Conversation on FND-244 ongoing and not yet resolved. Things like Profit Objective and Religious objective are not really kinds of Objective in the sense supported by the existing FIBO definition, they are long lived, and so more like Purpose. Disagrees with proposal to put these in the Objectives ontology either in terms of what kind of thing they are, and in terms of the organization of the FIBO modules.

MB: Even if it was correct that a defining feature of Organization was that it has some Objective (which it is not), that would be a good example of the kind of real-world ‘truth maker’ that is not appropriate for inclusion in Release FIBO ontologies.

Meeting Notes


New FLT Wiki underway at, and tbd update FCT wikis with internal stuff

Wikis under FLT site

RT explains the rationale for this set of pages and the plans for future website.

Template for documentation is on that FLT Wiki site.

Shows Adaptive UI on screen, for Foundations. Note that Foundations is lot of individual subject ontologies, not a single set of concepts as other Domains would be.

Showing, good presentation -- for us FIBO developers

Topic map like diagrams:  CCM has good way to do it, Adaptive can do something like it also for the '3. Conceptual map'

Jeff Braswell: sorry for joining late -- my calendar entry had a stale GTM link

Adaptive, could take existing concepts and map, won't see restrictions though

Pete:  diagrams made from SPARQL query, end users will just see relationships for end users

MB:  good news (that restrictions show up as a line between elements)

RT:  have to id these small pieces...

PR:  archetype, using UML stereotypes e.g.  Swaps could be like that, use annotation properties and generate diagrams based on those

Jeff Braswell: ACTUS Contract Types are a form of stereotypes

PR:  can right click on elements to 'drill down' into more detail

MB:  can simplify with colors, get subject matter focus...

PR:  or just diagram at archetype level, essence to be a 'bond' e.g.

MB: necessary conditions to be a 'bond'...

PR:  essential gets into restrictions

Intent:  FLT wiki as incubator?

RT: no, files, mark down stuff, ... first place to put things, then you set it

FLT Wiki (internal) Landing Page

MB:  from FLT, need update on what this team is for, objectives (content team)

MB: Understanding the content of FND wiki: use cases, activities, objectives

MB:  take what was serially in weekly slides, and put it on the Wiki page (showing stab so far)

MB:  what goes on a landing page which explains the work... working on

Wiki - internal; website - external

Wiki (internal) example...

What else on FCT Wiki page?

e.g. Team, activities... link to Jira

JG: specify objectives better

Action: Wiki - Add examples for the FND domain

JG:  more on objectives

MG, BT:  move use cases, not comprehensive enough up front

JB:  More good wording on Objectives

Bobbin Teegarden: Sorry, I really have to go.  Sally forth!

Jeff Braswell: cheers !


PR: use tables in WIKI, don't attach files

PR: Roadmap is not clear... what will be delivered

Conceptual Material


MB: 3 meanings of "product"

MB: two roles of ontology: specify meaning, create/shape models

PR: don't need top level ontology to understand concepts

Top Level Ontologies Discussion

RT: Using top level ontology: methodology (concepts/consistency checking) + interoperability issues

Jeff Braswell: Ultimately it is just a matter of what level of magnification one has on their lens on the universe -- a telescope, or a microscope ? :)

Jeff Braswell: Or, perhaps, just a 1:1 camera

PR: TL ontology kills interoperability; we need no TLO in FIBO


FND-234 depends on FND-232

Resolution: Need to look up the notes, see what the original objection was and from whom MB to do overview and diagrams for next week before we close this one out. We were out of time today.


Action items

  • Mike Bennett move the 'Conceptual' explanatory material from the FND FCT landing page to a sub page, with a link; extend and expand with examples. 
  • Mike Bennett Add examples to the FIBO Domain wiki FCT landing page
  • Mike Bennett Replace the Roadmap spreadsheet with wiki stuff
  • Mike Bennett Dig out origins of FND-244 and bring to next week's FCT with diagrams, so we can establish original issue and close it out

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