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2) Open actions / housekeeping etc.

3) Temporality Discussion next steps
–Open issues / discussion
–Requirements: Use cases / example data
–Questions for FLT to address

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5) FND Roadmap for Q1.5 Release

6) AoB


Most of today's content is in the slides. Additional comments from participants are recorded below. 

John Gemski      I agree with Elisa on schedules.  There are 2 types of schedules, regular and irregular where irregular is usually a collection of discrete dates.

Robert Trypuz    Any real examples showing what can be expressed in FIBO, what cannot, what is missing and what is wrong... ?

Mike Bennett     Raise a Jira fr the hasValue property to rename it.

Jeff Braswell      if 'occurrence' is atemporal, as opposed to something that has already occurred, then a property that distinguishes between occurences that have actually occurred (observations) versus those that are planned or anticipated is needed

Jeff Braswell      prescriptive date is part of 'plan'

Jeff Braswell      and planned date may well not be the actual (occurred) date

Jeff Braswell      And a commitment does equal a guarantee that it will occur

Jeff Braswell      The ACTUS 'Contract Type' is the pattern specifier that you are looking for


Action items

  • Mike Bennett Raise a Jira for the hasValue property to rename it.

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