The main agenda for this week is to review and triage open Jira issues.

1) Open Action Items

2) JIRA Issues Review and triage

3) Road map. 

4) Next Meeting.


Introduction: Robert Trypuz

Robert's function = FIBO as a product including review of the development process and the importance of basing FIBO on instance data


  • Q1 release completed using Docker.  Will be doing a 1.5 release.  OMG next technical meeting is June (Amsterdam).  FIBO will submit 1.5 to the FTF
  • Member engagement webinar (April 15);
  • Items for removal in Ext for Q1.5 have been identified and are ready for removal

Sample / Instance Data

John Gemski: The problem with sample data is that most is confidential.  Can't divulge data from clients or vendors.  Bloomberg is especially sensitive to this.  Thus we're forced to make up data.  However the fields themselves are generally ok, just the values can't be divulged.

Robert Trypuz: As far as sample data is concerned: 1) data can be anonymized and 2) to test FIBO we need just a small sample of data.

Open Actions Review

CCM License

MB will facilitate the licensing issue for FIBO insiders; MB noted there is a page for CCM user configuration on the Wiki (see link):

JIRA Triage

Triaging Spreadsheet

MB re-classified JIRAs - simple vs. ontology design vs more investigation needed (including what will be included in 1.5)

FND-239 (modeling of composite identifiers)

 - PR raised issue in JIRA (has not solved the problem of composite identifiers)

239 - requires ontology change (assigned to EK); included in 1.5?  EK will assign priority

FND-238 (how to express datetime)

 - need to have times zones and properties at nanosecond level; this relates to the new composite type for certain datetime JIRA; this might be an extension of datetime issue addressed by EK

237/238 to be assigned to EK

FND-234 (shortfalls on independent party)

 - assigned to MB

222 - (end of day pricing)

 - to be addressed by future FTC (either pricing or business process); end of day is problematic because there are many things considered "end of ..."

John Gemski: From Wiki: End of day (EOD), end of business (EOB), close of business (COB), close of play (COP) or end of play (EOP) is the end of the trading day in financial markets, the point when trading ceases.

End of ... = business rules + DateTime; this is not needed as a concept in FIBO;

Robert Trypuz: EndOfDay is context dependent.

Jeff Braswell: End-of-Day as a business process concept is an event marker, not a time measure. For example, IT may need to restart 'End-of-Day' processing on a following day (e.g., Saturday) following failure or error recovery from the preceding day's close

Robert Trypuz: EndOfDay is a role played by some moment/period of time.

209 - (redundant statements)

 - fix by hand - no need to regenerate


Action items

  • Mike Bennett Upload CCM Licensing instructions to the FPT wiki page area for CCM Configuration

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