29 January 2019



1) Use Case reminder

2) Where we are on our road map. 

3) Open Action Items

4) JIRA Issues Review -

5) Todays content discussion.




6) For next week.


20190129 FIBO FND FCT.rtf

FIBO FND - divide into two objectives (description of how FIBO is structured and management of FND JIRA issues)

Weekly FND - focus on JIRA issues as primary objective

GitHub has a new automated catalogue - unblocked one of the issues that was a "blocker"

FBC-196 (use an object property for hasValidationLevel) - EK is making this a child of "code elements"

PR - need semantic representation of organization that ceases to exist

PR - need a representation of the "reason" why organization ceases to exist as well as one for the "code" for ceasing to exist

PR - suggests adding a class "expiration reason" to FND (without a direct superclass)

PR - need policy discussion on FLT on how to deal with entities that cease to exist

PR to make this issue an "agenda item" for FLT

MB - update on CCM adjustments and improvements

BT - What should FIBO use for diagrams (and are we moving away from diagrams for presenting FIBO)

MA - we need diagrams to explain FIBO concepts to business users

To ingest current FIBO into CCM requires a mapping (refactoring) of URIs.  This should enable us to auto update the diagrams (unless there are new concepts added) - updates and changes will auto generate

MB - if clean ingest, then output from CCM will appear on spec for viewing by general users

Bobbin Teegarden: CCM has a report writer that will pull together a 'report' of views of the model.  Couldn't this be used for our viewing -- SME vs Ontologist, e.g.?

MA - what types of diagrams are needed (1) for SME navigation and (2) for OMG specification.  Both can be the same

In diagrams = class structure and relationships are all that are needed for business SME.

Purpose of diagrams (1) business SME navigation and (2) FIBO structure for ontologists to understand the logic underneath simple relationship (restrictions)

Action - elevate the discussion of the role of diagrams and the type that are needed (and for which purpose) to the FLT


Action items

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