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DW - hired as a consultant for next two weeks to help make transition to new process.


FND supports other FCTs with needed abstractions.


2018Q4 release completed.


FIBO version 2 (integration of FIBO into a single spec) passed "vote to adopt" - JIRA system aligned with OMG to generate FTF reports.  Some work required to get EDMC and OMG JIRAs aligned.


New work activity in FBC on ratings (might have some FND implications).


Domain structure for FIBO under review (three levels - (1) FND (2) Common domains (BE, IND, FBC) and (3) instrument domains.


ACTION: MB to  send DWiz link to OMG JIRA system for  FIBO 2.0.


CCM are not synchronized with current release of FIBO (goal is to ingest directly from GitHub) - as a result CCM is out of date.


Diagrams - under evaluation to look at what is required from diagrams.


Catalog fix = automated process from GitHub is inhibited because of the lack of a catalogue on GitHub.  Fix is straightforward - but configuration needs to be defined.


We should document how far "out of date" we are for CCM (think July was the last update). Update catalogue using "search and replace" is likely the fix on CCM


MB - action to document how far CCM is out of date.


CCM coordinated update - license expiration for some on December 2018. New arrangement (license server) is needed. NoMagic is offering a fixed number of licenses. Others (not MB) needs to log into the server and access the licenses.


Action: MB to define the process for CCM users for licensing.


Pete Rivett: the change I noticed (Contract.isAssignable) that is NOT included in the CCM diagrams was merged on March 17th. So the SMIF diagrams did not include the Q12018 changes.


John  Gemski: New Roadmap - be cautious of complexity if too much content in any upper domain might be  cumbersome to make changes. DWiz: I think that John G is entirely correct. Foundations is best a pointer to other ontologies, not the container for everything finance.


Caution (FND and accounting/taxation concepts; SEC and equities/bond concepts) - these are complex concepts and might result in a domain that is too large to manage.  Investigate (module and sub-module structure) to address the complexity challenge


Securities = equities and debt but debt is deep and need to go to third level to  find relevant content; be careful not to bury content so deep that it can't be found.


Our philosophical approach is flawed (SEC = equities and debt but should also include CIVs and

exchange traded derivatives). Issue is fragmentation vs consolidation as well as finding concepts as well as size and complexity of the domain


Bobbin: Issue for system architects (those who are implementing) - if see many ontologies makes implementation harder -- wider is better for system architects


Addresses (problem) - specific properties are in FBC but should be in FND. Different formats for addresses need to be incorporated into FIBO (do not try to stuff everything into a single format).  Types of addresses (physical, geophysical, web-based, floors) need to be captured


Create use cases for address concepts and evaluate against FIBO - move from theoretical to actual. Components for address need to be defined - hard to track standards for every country against all changes. Think about common use cases for addresses and standardize representation within FIBO - don't try to capture and maintain every use of address, but common views in RDF would be useful. Goal is to identify a few examples of address representations for FND to identify logical and distinct address elements


DWiz: I say again that Addresses is a Tar Baby that is best approached very carefully.


PR #651  on Software Agent  - New info found that makes what is a software agent more clear. Bobbin does the new use case include humans? MB It includes all autonomous agents, that could include humans. Slide 25 covers both people in charge and SW in charge. There will be a new JIRA.


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