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20181103 FIBO  FND  FCT


CCM V 19 complete. Next year 2019 sometime.


PR to MB does your local directory have upper case directory names? MB No, need to check. PR suggests that MB look at the DA idea of sacrificial branch in GitHub.PR to  MB You could run a Linix partition under Windows.


FND needs Use Cases from other FCTs. Getting input from SEC.


MB Should there be a new Team Work Cloud FIBO Master. Need a conversation with JL and CC.


25 Pete Rivett: hasName is used for lots of different things unrelated to Agents, so it's not properly located.


MB New Tree Shaker finds relevant content to a particular imported class in FIBO. This could be applied to FND. PR No reason we can’t have classes with the same URIs in multiple files. We can have additional restrictions and additional classes in other ontologies. The Team can perhaps refactor all of FIBO for FIBO 3. No time to do this for FIBO 2.


If you have seen one kiwi fruit you have seen them all.


PR We must distinguish how OWL is designed and how tools work. A catalog is not inherent to OWL, for example.


Ref Slide 12 about how Tree Shaker works. MB not happy that FIBO depends on LCC. DW Rem that this was done on purpose at Berlin 4 years ago.  MB happy that running Tree Shaker is quite positive for FIBO because it makes the relevant connections without ballooning FIBO.PR not convinced that this is the situation.


ACTION: MB will raise a JIRA to move certain things from someplace to someplace else.


MB Might be worthwhile to run the Tree Shaker as a hygiene test. EK suggest this would give us ideas to make FIBO better.


ACTION: DWiz put Tree Shaker discussion re these questions on FLT agenda.


has Capacity Resolutions slide 16 - Per EK, keep the structure but eliminate those that are not needed, but which ones? Nothing to do now until more info from other FCTs.


 EK did mention boardCapacity and authorizedSignature. PR Does this make sense? Perhaps a reified relationship. Max: Could breakdown the concept of capacity. MB Then perhaps could identify design patterns.MB Maybe go back to BE on this. PR Perhaps how to get rid of provisional ontologies ask the otherFCTs to remove references then they would just go away. And remove cross reference from FND. Pete mentions TIM TIM or something that sounds like that. 


MB shows a new spreadsheet with the go forward plan. It includes a task to remove dependencies.


Action items

  • Mike Bennett will raise a JIRA to move certain things from someplace to someplace else
  • Dennis Wisnosky put Tree Shaker discussion re these questions on FLT agenda

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