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Notes taken by Bobbin Teegarden


1) Use Case reminder

2) Where we are on our road map. 

3) Open Action Items

4) JIRA Issues Review -

5) Todays content discussion.




6) For next week.


News Slide

Training in Chicago well received 8-10, Dean demo integration across 3 sources,...

FIBO operational changes in Release in JIRAs:  how get from FIBO 'conceptual' style to implementations 'operational' -- feedback from workshop

Review of notes from last week, posted on wiki: No longer focus on conceptual abstractions; work through JIRAs as you see them, find simplest implementation for them. Homework Calls on Fridays:  will be on demand.

Will work through JIRAs

Pete:  need to address time stuff, etc. merger into mainstream

MB:  is being merged in ongoing, seems to be going pretty well (securities, others)

Time seems to be different:  have fully operational Time/Date ontology, the TimeExt legacy ontology is only there for as long as not picked up by more operational ontologies going forward. Time there then as placeholders until used

PR: get rid of referred ones

MB:  until used, don't know which will be eliminated...

in terms of FND, just there until needed...

CCM v19.0 = current;  waiting to hear from Jim re 19.0, wait for signal from Mike to upgrade

CCM 19.1 migration:  need No Magic on other side as we do this, wait for ok

19.1 on new server

Housekeeping Slide

Changes to FND from other groups:  how know where things are...? And how know when changes made that effect FND...?

Proposal:  review ALL jiras as submitted

CCM Model File Maintenance slide

'Parked' folder now '_Deleted', can now start to delete from file

Could use spreadsheet from Securities...BE like Uschold's

Recent feedback and Issues slide


Dean running 'Tree-shaker routine' to discover other dependencies on imports...

PR:  necessary?

in TimeExt onto, exists only to provide stuff waiting to be used, shouldn't have necessity to pull anything from there.

PR: there is something in SEC that is referenced from something in TimeExt.

Securities should not refer to TimeExt once adopted into Release; TimeExt should not refer to Securities at all.

The item in question relates to ‘typical duration description’, a distinguishing feature in some Money Markets instruments. Hope to find a more formal way o saying what was said, in Release FIBO. Money Markets presumably still in Provisional at present.

Raise a JIRA to move this item and remove any dependencies from TimExt to other Domain content (since it is only a placeholder for property ranges in Provisional content)

Workshop feedback

Semantic grounding for prices etc # shares -- Pete sent an email on it. Is data only for free, not reason to reference. Data should reference all data, free or not...  Proprietary data another issue. Need to be able to model regulatory stuff...

PR:  need to raise JIRA issues to address that stuff identified in Workshop. eg better semantic grounding for past/present prices, etc

Conceptually we would use DOLCE semantics here; operationally, need pragmatic approach, to be identified.

ACTION:  follow up on JIRAs for the issues raised from workshop. MB:  sort through flipcharts for these.

PriceOf security vs Price purchased for, end of day prices ...

Each exchange has different end of day price types; want to be able to compare EOD prices (ECB use case).

hasCapacity slide

Agree this appears not to be an operational matter. See slide for 2 possible reasons to include such ‘social constructs’ etc. in operational FIBO:

  • Is there a data surrogate for this conceptual relation?
  • Is there a use case for reasoning to return this data (or sub properties thereof)?

If the answer to both is No, there is no reason to include it.

FIBO onto needs to reflect ability to derive constructs like exposures capacities / capabilities from existing data where there is a use case for this.

The line between conceptual vs operational, rules for FIBO not written:  need to do it?  If things are grey (as line between the black and white has many shades of grey between), need to write the rules...

Planning for Q4

PR:  there are issues outstanding that have been there for years, some supported by outside parties, need to address them.


Action items

  • Mike Bennett  Rise JIRAs from flip chart notes taken at FDTF FIBO Workshop

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