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20180731 FIBO FND FCT


We will submit the minimal to OMG and nothing at all that is in the least bit likely to be controversial.


MB has found lingering about files. Need to also get to the bottom of what Cory discovered. DW sent a msg to DA.


DA says that Elisa is on this.


For OMG we will submit RDF/OWL as the spec along with the MB document that lays our our standard for FIBO UML diagrams and some samples of diagrams conforming to the FIBO diagram spec. In the meantime, will will continue to modify FIBO diagrams to conform with the spec.


MB reviews JIRA issues that other FCTs have entered into FND. MB has 32 assigned to him.


Slide 23 is the FND Q3 plan.


MB slide 29 shows FIBO Quantities Diagram. This conforms with the FIBO DIagramming standard.


Cory quantityValue should be a subtype of value.


MB Yes


Action items


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