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20180313 FIBO FND


MB told by Nilesh that error on ingest are not flagged but are flagged going the other way. This is a big positive thing to know.


MB needed to change many CCM URIs. Now the CCM model is correct. Covers every change and every URI. Now just needs testing. Content drop dead date 23 March for 30 March publish.


MB working on OMG submission. Scope is most important part because it must include all future work. Must be intentional description, not content. All agree.


MB asks EK to say what she wants to see. EK says she will know it when she sees it. Patterns that are really important are those that are necessary for reasoning.


MB My approach for applied ontology is not the same as FIBO is now delivering. Important is to say that FIBO is not intending model the world.  EK The point of view of FIBO is the business analyst. FIBO is not a model of everything in the Finance Industry. Cory FIBO is not a data model or a data ontology. MB We are looking at an ontology that can be used in real applications.


Jeff Identifiers are pointing to the thing, they are not the thing. There could nevertheless be cardinality. Data is part of business. Without data, there is no business. MB FIBO is interested in the business environment, not the philosophy of the business. Jeff Control Data Corporation had it right. There is the data and there is the control of the data. Max agrees.


Cory Never use the word data wrt what FIBO is modelling. Jeff Nothing wrong with modeling 'data' when by doing so one also models the relationships among data elements, as in, what is the provenance of the data, what processes caused the data to exist EK The FIBO viewpoint of the data analyst has many many use cases. Risk management, regulatory compliance, analytics, and more.


MB has created a new level of maturity where he moved deleted content to conceptual. It was agreed that this will now be called Parked. Other Domains can use this designation. Parked content my become un parked in the future.


Pete has identified JIRA issues that can be closed.


ACTION: DW look at how JIRA can generate a report that shows all JIRAs that should be closed.


DW Reminds that the BTDM process is to raise a JIRA. Do the work, Write a Pull Request that  refers the JIRA issue. The Omar SW makes the connect between the Pull Request and JIRA. The JIRA can then be close.


MB reviews many JIRAs and marks many as done.


EK Sent MB an email about fix occurrence. What is the answer? MB says go ahead.


EK WRT to some other thing that she will remember, MB owes an answer.


ACTION: Both EK and MB to remember what they can't remember and tell the other.


Action items

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