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1) Use Case reminder

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20180220 FIBO FND FCT


Jeff Braswell - Isn't "buyer" generic?


Slide 14 is from a Cory SMIF model. Seems to fit here. Prson buys an apple. Apple is an entity. Whole Foods is the vendor selling apple, a kind of product. Different than the providing. Product kind is an OWL type.


On slide 13, the fact that the buyer buys a product is quite specific. But, the meaning of supplies remains hazy. Need some reified relationship.


Slide 15 is up for discussion.


Cory Occurrence and occurrence kind is also relevant to Power types.


MB: Believe that Jim Odell invented power types. This is a conceptual notion. MB says the power types is based on power something else from much earlier. Jeff Braswell: power sets.


Cory Types can have types. Power types confusing. MB could represent types with Object properties.


CC SMIF restricts the type relation.


Slide 14 product type is a subtype of product kind.


Cory to Marcello When MB comes up with an example then show how this would be represented in OWL


Jeff Braswell: Bertrand Russel: is the set of all sets a member of itself ? Partitions: mutually exclusive subsets of members of a set whose union is the full set.


MB Punning problem is a subset of the power type problem.


Action items


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