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1) Use Case reminder

2) Where we are on our road map. 

3) Open Action Items

4) JIRA Issues Review -

5) Todays content discussion.




6) For next week.


20180109 FIBO FND FCT


MB reminder about SP12 upgrade to CCM 18.5 on Jan 9 and never touch FIBO with any earlier version after that or be prepared to make your last trip to the tower of London.


Bobbin Is all ready for top to bottom testing? MB Yes. Bobbin reports a problem with SKOS.


Jeff Braswell Re linkages between products and agreements in Foundations (the point raised by John): Since Products are one of the types of things that can be part of an Agreement, and if both are part of Foundations, then there is no reason why there should not be a linkage between them in Foundations. However, having said that, the elaboration of financial product types and financial contracts (including underlying financial contract algorithm types) is also necessary, and is at a ‘lower level’ than Foundations. To wit, the financial product and financial contract domain is not the same thing at all as, say, purchasing appliances from a Sears product catalog. (However similar they are at a conceptual level)


MB Not currently round tripping becuz anywhere there is a restriction in one ontology and the class description is in another ontology, CCM moves the restriction and gets confused. JL knows about this. But, MB needs to do more testing on SP12.


Bobbin IS MB describing FIBO 2.0. No, 2.0 will be FIBO Production. This is Release in GitHub.


Bobbin are Extensions Informative. MB Yes!


Bobbin Is MU done with Loans. MB Yes, but he has left a spreadsheet behind about what is yet to be done. EDMC talking with MISMO people about helping to get this started again.


MB describes "Arrangement". Max says that Product Life Cycle is a Child of Arrangement. MB agrees.


Jeff and Cory Why is organization not a kind of group. MB A long time ago this was decided because of the definition of member. Jeff Organizations are formed out of Groups. Keeping it like it is could be troubling in the future. MB Ok, will be revisited.


Gemski Some of these are homonyms. A arrangement could be flowers. Financial people think that an organization is Apple or Bank of America, etc.


MB Groups can also be a Group of companies. What really defines an organization is that it is organized. The conclusion could be that there is a difference between conceptual and operational.


Gemski Shell companies have no members. Max Maybe in the USA, but not in the UK or OZ. There must be at least 1 member. DWiz In the USA a company must have at least one member.

Jeff on Identifiers Must have a scheme for identifiers. When we have a property as an identifier of something, we much have the scheme. MB agrees and this is already in place!


CC The point is that the identifiers are classes. This will be in Values in the next rev. MB The values pattern applies to many many things. Brings us into a conceptual view of data that will be extremely useful. CC Yes, but in this Rev no time to go to as much depth as will be needed.


MB Values will allow us to eliminate bits and pieces in other places.  Cory There are the classes cound that should subtype or use values:


MB Many changes in Thing in Role.


CCM will reflect all of the new RDF/OWL content when SP12 is tested.


Jeff Loans may be paused, but there is much more work to be done there. MB Yes there is but not by FND.


Max Important to clarify the FND level from the specific. Commitment, for example is FND, but Loan Commitment is specific.


Action items


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