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1) Use Case reminder

2) Where we are on our road map. 

3) Open Action Items

4) JIRA Issues Review -

5) Todays content discussion.




6) For next week.


20171031 FIBO FND FCT

Important to all be on the same version of CCM, else if a person on the latest version touches FIBO, then all others are read only. Everyone needs to upgrade. 

There is now a Values page to continue work on a values FIBO under FND.

FND-8 will be worked in the homework session along with ownership and control.  FIBO JIRAs marked Done are Closed.

FND--48 Easy

FND-48 MB wants to bring event back in and have cumulative occurrence. Ongoing event as a child of event?? MU An occurrence is an event. MB proposes to make event a child of occurrence. MU does not think this is a good idea. This will be discussed at working meeting. JB likes the notion of a planned event.

Discussion above virtual place. Can a virtual place be exactly one location? Index to a location is disjoint to location.

Planned events that are relative to the start of a sequence of rules or notation (e.g., financial contract terms, or music score) are quite important (relative to whenever a contract is instantiated

New OMG JIRAs - FND13-2.  Is Elisa working on this?

ACTION DW to find out – YES!

Slide 14 - Values ontology, Errors including wrt cases.

A problem is that enumerated data ranges do not round trip.

MU. Submitted to and submitted by were created as properties by Elisa in FBC. This needs to be removed and put into FND. Another example is Reports. Should be in FND, not FBC. They are not always regulatory reports.

ACTION:  DW to talk with EK.  Completed, talked – Agree with EK at this time.


Action items



  1. Here are the slides:

  2. We talked about the CCM user configuration for Teamwork Cloud access. 

    I could not work out how to add tags to the page where that information is maintained (so as to make it appear in Featured Pages). So here is a link: 

    Teamwork Cloud CCM User Configuration