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20170725 FIBO FND FCT


MB goes over new ranging from CCM SP10 to spec.......   Priorities are name collisions and Loans concepts coagulation

Elisa comments that she and DA have the mandate to automatically reduce redundancy in FIBO.  This includes some FND concepts.

EK to MB:  DA and I don’t expect to touch Transactions at all.  That is 100% safe for FND FCT to work on.

MB is asking Elisa to let FND know what they are instantly working on each week b4 FND Friday working sessions.  EK:  Yes!


Note that the definition of Account is in FBC and should be addressed by the FBC FCT rather than FND

MB:  Slide 3 Master Open and resolved issues to be worked.

Elisa completed work in FIBO master and Dean did the republish in GitHub.  All caught up.

MB:  On keeping CCM model and the OWL in sync still requires some manual labor.

EK:  Capability definition came from CMI and is in production.  Need to be careful to not inadvertently change concepts in production.

Came from BMI - the Business Modeling and Integration task force at OMG responsible for BPMN, SBVR, etc.

MU:  Where are the transaction concepts modeled?  REA was the basis.  MU:  Where is this?  What is its name?  MB:  It is in FND. They should be provisiojnal, not extensions.

The Frig List (slide 21)


Download the files Values.rdf valuesExamples.rdf from here:

Values Ontology as errors identified by PR and EK.  MB suggests starting with the original vlaues onto, not the one currently in CCM.  MU says many of the Errors are conceptually trivial.  Not require much thought.  MB:  Maybe we just looked at the wrong file.  Suppose we find a nice clean values onto and re ingest it. 

Which values onto did Pete evaluate?  MB:  CCM now maintains all references.  So, nothing is lost.

EK:  PR errors were from MU file.  The one in master does not have those issues.  Let's start with the one in master.  Let's fix that one. 

MB:  Look at both and figure out which one has the fewest issues and start with that one.  Or, did PR mistake which one he used.

ACTION:  Pete to verify which one he used.


Slide 23 is homework.


There are some cases where there are 2 different definitions for the same concept.  Need to identify where this is ok and not.


Action items

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