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1)  Use Case reminder.


2)  Where  we are on our road map. 


3)  Open Action Items


4 ) JIRA Issues Review


5)  Todays content discussion.







6)  For next week.


MB has much more than this in the .ppt

20170221 FIBO FND FCT

MB announces that FIBO-Master is now in his GitHub branch.

FND RTF report goes in next week.

Anti-Patterns done. All dirty pinks resolved.

MB reveals his antipattern list. The result of which is one FIBO-Master.

FND12-1 through FND12-10 all have known resolutions.

OMG JIRAs have either been deferred or will be in this March submission.

JIRA TO-Do on slide 38: FND-5 Indirect control. FND40 Owners Equity, FND-42 Monetary Amount restiction. FND=43 part and members. FND-48 Signatories, FND-45.

Also need to promote 5 existing ontologies. 34, 36, 53, 54, 55 and 68

FBC/FND Cross reviews 33, 55, 47.

There are also Several BE cross reviews.


Action items


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  1. Here are the slides