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1)  Use Case reminder.


2)  Where  we are on our road map. 


3)  Open Action Items


4 ) JIRA Issues Review


5)  Todays content discussion.







6)  For next week.




20160510 FIBO-FND FCT




Slide 7- alignment red v pink/yellow/green.




Slide 8 - FCTs support slide - unchanged.




Slide 9 on Loans. MB goes to FCT FND wiki to look for new that may have been added. There is nothing new.




Slide 11 and slide 12 on anti=pattern status.  Initial OWL done and handed off to Dean. Dean working on reasoning errors to give back to MB.  Expects to have clean OWL by end of this week.




Slide 13 Roadmap: Doing much work in CCM now. Need to input FCB into FND.




Slide 14 on longer range roadmap:  Much will be added.




Slide 16: Recap of progress focus on Contract Terms and JIRA progress.




Rob: Content missing between general and specific types of contracts. Is this issue the difference between a collection and a set, or is it more fundamental. Need to look at the diagram.  MB gets an EDMC dinner on the town on Friday so no homework meeting. 




Slide 17: Priorities stay the same since last meeting.




FND-9 Done, summary on slide 20.




Slide 21: Occurrances Onto.  MB, is occurance actually used? 




Side 25 is Occurrents disposition. Rob: Agrees with what MB did. Rob uses Bit Coin as a real world example.




MB: says something does not have meaning if there are no instance, according to Russell. But, going from intension to extension goes from meaning to real world representation feeds individual applications.




MB has written a paper about this.  MB lights a cigarette.




Slide 37: Disposition - Composite Thing is parent of Contract Terms Set.  As with the various data type properties that are themselves qualifying terms So need to reify those to make them kinds of "Term”. This concludes the model.


Action items


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  1. Here are the slides. These include further discussion and resolution during the meeting.