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1)  Use Case reminder.


2)  Where  we are on our road map. 


3)  Open Action Items


4 ) JIRA Issues Review


5)  Todays content discussion.







6)  For next week.




20160503 FIBO FND FCT




MB Points to MU wiki update that needs to be studied.




Reference MB slide deck:




Slide 7: Alignment: red, pink, yellow, green A big question is what parts of Debt, Loan, Sec, FBC, etc. is related to what in FND. Example is REA transaction event.




Slide 11: Now have definitive RDF/XML OWL. Need to add more for DA to do reasoning.




Slide 12: By CoB today will have 125 Ontos in OWL. Then fix remaining circular dependencies.




Slide 13: Roadmap review Completed contract terms alignment.




JIRA: Slide 14: FND-29 high priority. FND-42 Done. FND-45 partially done.




BE Requirements for Res K and E and LCC alignment next.




Slide 18: JIRA Issues - people, places, ownership and control, FBC addition, Capacities and social constructs.  Bobbin: What is a quasi-operational ontology? Isn't the operational onto the one that can be reasoned over? MB: We can run reasoners over existing Red more than others understand today.




Slide 19: Bonds, Cashflow Terms is the onto sent to Dean.




What to do with operational vs qualifying terms? Bobbin: Looks like MB is describing commitment as having state. Commitment is part of the process. MB invokes Sowa and Bobbin is totally confused along with the rest of us.




Rob: We are missing that we will have new contract types that will be introduced. MB: I took collection out, but agree that it needs to be put back in somewhere.




Straw Man has 2 options: Relationships with no distinctions or relationship to the contract that says that this term is operational to that contract. This latter was chosen.  Final Dispensation is on the final slide word slide with actual changes to CCM model.


Action items


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