1)  Use Case reminder.


2)  Where  we are on our road map. 


3)  Open Action Items


4 ) JIRA Issues Review


5)  Todays content discussion.







6)  For next week.




20160329 FIBO-FND FCT




Slide 5 Use Case Review. MB created a Use Case Wiki page.




MB reviews Loans FCT requirements from MU. Naming Conventions, ReFactoring, Properties with too narrow domain and/or range, more.  EK - Can't make many of these changes unless deprecate old and add new. Reminds MB that this is an RTF and can't just make summary changes and what was done had reasons that MU may not understand.  This is in the link Loans more recent feedback. EK and MB - Meanings should be broad, not narrow. EK - needs to make sure that what MU proposes does not break other specs.




More on FCT input. DN added issues to FND JIRA.




Slide 8. EK - Don't change names. Don't break anything. Must sort out contract things. Don't fix things that work. Getting Contract right is most important thing to do, especially for Securities / Equity /Debt. There are standard boiler plate terms. MB - much of this is in Red FIBO.




Slide 11 Anti-pattern work to do.




Slide 13 status. All File created. EA retired YEA! CCM working. All now in CCM.




Slide 14 Roadmap review - EK, neither Dean or she want continuents and occurrents. Use QUDT not QUDV. Say SysML Quantities and there is no confusion.




Slide 14 - Transactions will be piecemeal.




JIRA Review:




FND-5 will be part of BE work per DN. EK - rights and obligations must be highest priority.




FND-8 bring in for derivatives.




FND-11 Can close this with no change.




DW to investigate a "close no change" in JIRA.  DONE!




FND-24 Wait




FND-27 Off line call to discuss between Elisa and MB.




FND-28 Dean needs to fix




FND-29 Dean needs to fix.




FND-33 Must work this after contract work.




FND-34 will look at all of address after REA and contract concepts.




FND-35 Look at this after DA and DN work Resolution K.




FND-36 Top priority




FND-40 Wrap this into Debt and Equity work.




FND-41 MU standing alone on a desert island on this one. MB and EK will offer counter proposal.



Easy to make a timeline for these 


Action items

Dean Allemang Do this work  FND-28 - Getting issue details... STATUS FND-29 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Mike Bennett Look at this after DA and DN work Res K in BE. FND-35 - Getting issue details... STATUS

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