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1)  Use Case reminder.


2)  Where  we are on our road map. 


3)  Open Action Items


4 ) JIRA Issues Review


5)  Todays content discussion.







6)  For next week.




20160126  FIBO-FND FCT




Review agreed upon JIRA issues based on Triage from last week.




Slide 16: Elisa working on  7, 11, 21, 30. 51 and 52. Elisa and Dean 29. MB 37. 49­50­56, 51­52.  MB and Elisa 39, 44.12  All of this is on the slide




Elisa happy with the proposal for FND­39 from MB.




Slide 17 ­ Do separate OMG JIRA for Conformance. 




Slide 18, summary of issues.




Slide 19 ­ Resolution status summary.  FND­41 Links 49. 56.24 and Loan­29 which can be closed with additional restrictions already defined.




FND­55 related to 53 and 28 deferred to Q2 for Loans.  




FND­57 MB and Elisa on Jan 27.




FND­56 related to 49 and 50. Will be combined.  Either cash or amount of money will be deprecated in favor of the other. MU proposed to use another term.




FND­44 Introduce a new hasAddress property to resolve. Make hasAddress as a child of has. This affects BE. Address should be autonomous Agent or no domain at all - will be tested by MB.  MB can make these changes now and it will not affect BE now.




FND­37 MB has 7 steps in resolution detail.  A new class called LitigationCapacity in the onto LegalCapaciies as a child of LegalCapacity and 5 restrictions. MB to run this proposal by DN.  




Slide 19 All proposals have been written. These are all of the MB proposals for this round.




DWiz:  All of this went so well be cause MB was totally prepared.  Way to Go.


Action items


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  1. Here are the Meeting Slides

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