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Dennis Wisnosky




1)  Use Case reminder.


2)  Where  we are on our road map. 


3)  Open Action Items


4 ) JIRA Issues Review


5)  Todays content discussion.







6)  For next week.




20160119 FIBO-FND FCT




Slide 16 shows 16 open issues that could be in tis OMG submission.




FND-30 will be done by Elisa.




FND-27 Depends on FND-38. FND-38 is similar; MB thinks should be rejected because there is nothing intrinsic about a formal organization. Elisa agrees. Additional reason is that the information that defines a formal organization is findable elsewhere said MB and Elisa in response to MU question.




FND-27: Elisa working on this. Wants to close because it requires circularity and this should be added in a jurisdictional specific onto, not at this upper level. This is a low priority use case. Decision is to defer FND-27 to add custodian.




FND-7: Elisa is doing. Mostly done.




FND-27, 30 and 35 are related to FND-7.




Defer FND-35 for further discussion.




FND-30 will be done along with FND-7.




FND-9: Defer to use synonyms and not Occurrence.




FND-11: Elisa to add a new property and deal with an inference issue. MU: Use property ‘has’ could make this work. hasCurrency would be the change.




FND-19: Close.




FND-21: Change to verifies. Goes along with FND-7.




FND-29: Percentage issue worked on by Elisa and Dean.




FND-33: Defer.




FND-37: MB working on now.




FND-39: MB has proposal written. This is related to FND-44. Elisa and MB will work on these together.




FND-46: Propose no change.




FND-49, 50, 56 relate to monetary amount. MB is writing up a proposal to cover all 3. Rename monetary amount to amount of money. Make this synonymous with cash. 




Elisa doing FND-51 and 52.




FND-45: YEAH - more simple that MB thought.  Define control as the capacity to control something. Add other controls such as controlling capacity. Add a couple of other restrictions. These are really refinements. Conclusion, do not remove the restriction cascade. EK: Defer until BE gets to ownership and control. MB agrees. MU agrees. 




MB: I have what I wanted to have this week.




Slide 16 shows the complete way forward. MB will write and Elisa will do the identifies thing and couple more. MB and EK will work this TH together.


Action items

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