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Dennis Wisnosky


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1)  Use Case reminder.


2)  Where  we are on our road map. 


3)  Open Action Items


4 ) JIRA Issues Review


5)  Todays content discussion.







6)  For next week.



20151117 FIBO-FND FCT




Slide 4: MB working on new CCM. Can be used to output conceptual work into RDF/OWL.  Found potential NoMagic issue re inverses.




Slide 8 Roadmap review ­ all agree it is good.




Slide 9 ­ this weeks agenda ­ focus on JIRA issues.




FND­48 MB agrees with Elisa comment in the issue. The intended meaning of the concept hasSignatory is that certain kinds of organizations would have a signatory that is able to sign on behalf of that organization.  The equivalent for persons would be power of attorney, and is a different concept. This proposal suggests a change to the meaning of a concept that has been reviewed and agreed upon, and describes a new use case which is covered by power of attorney as and when we would need that. Proposes no change.  Lynn wants Power of Attorney eventually added for loans. 




Decision: MB sends DN a msg that the FND FCT agrees with Elisa and the issue is closed with no change.




FND­47: Proposed resolution is to introduce the relevant concepts from REA, of which these new concepts in FBC would be sub classes or (sub properties or restrictions). This should not have any impact on the concepts defined in FBC. However the class identified as “Payment Obligation” should be revised in line with REA concepts. Next FND will have this proposed solution.




FND­46: John G asks if this should be in BE, not FND. MB ­ This was dealt with in BE by introducing just the high level concept and passing the ball to FND ­ TBD what this is.




FND­45: More work to be done.




FND­44: There is agreement that there should be a generic has address proplerty.




FND­39: Proposal is to change PostalAddress to PhysicalAddress but also that the requirement, e.g. delivery or serving of legal papers, be defined with reference to PhysicalLocation and not with reference to any kind of address that is merely an index to that location.  Proposals are in diagram in the prototyping tool. If this resolution is acceptable to BE and FBC then detailed changes will be described here and in VOM /OWL etc. There is also a important requirement in Loans for physical addresses for example for the real estate in a mortgage loan (this would e.g. not include PO Box). Needs to include postal code.  In Loans we need both the kind of address that is the physical location of a building or real estate AND the kind of address that is a postal address, which may include a PO Box.  So in Loan, "Subject Property Address" and "Mailing Address".  Proposal: More of the concepts given in Red FIBO need to be brought across.




FND­42: Proposed resolution: Change range of hasCapacity to the newly introduced Red FIBO "Conferred Social Construct" (or to Thing if this class is not introduced into OMG FIBO).  This should become the inverse of isConferredOn.  Delete the existing inverse isCapacityOf.  Note that Capacity itself has been redefined and clarified under FND­45 proposals.  Rename ContractualCapability to ContractualCapacit.




FND­38: Proposal:1. Introduce new property 'isRecognizedIn' in FND/Utilities/Relations different definition to the one in BE indicates the jurisdiction whose laws determine what is meant by the capacity that something is recognized as having.  For the different uses of this property, it is the capacity (the range of another property) that is affected.  Therefore we will add sub properties to define recognition of different capacities of a thing.




FND­36: Action: bring forward the existing ontology in FIBO Red for review. Remove any bits we don't need for this use case.  Also introduce the more general concept of Document. Moved to minor and to next year in time for issue on document and data integration for contracts .




Slide on Ownership and Control ­ Proposed model had no disagree.  John Gemski:  "capacity" is too general. We should use "financial capacity" as the top level to differentiate from physical capacity, e.g., the capacity is 100 liters.


Action items

  • Mike Bennett t find out where Power of Attorney is, for the Loans FCT

  • Mike Bennett to talk to David Newman and get the be FCT to review this next Tuesday
  • Mike Bennett to arrange with David Newman to present the resolutions for FDN-42 and 45 (social constructs0 per today's Homework; then close out FND-42 if OK