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10 Nov 2015


Mike Bennett

Elisa Kendall

Dennis Wisnosky

Lynn Calahan [X]

Maxwell Gillmore


1)  Open up the wiki with the currents weeks content

2)  Use Case reminder.

3)  Where are we on our road map.

4)  This weeks agenda.

5)  Go to JIRA.

6)  The days content discussion.




20151110 FIBO-FND FCT


Slide 5: MB will use VOM for annotations while waiting for CCM. Lots of back and forth remains required between VOM and CCM.


Lynn: What is the connection between Red and Pink.? Is it assumed to happe in the cloud in the picture?


Slide 6 shows this more clearly. Red FIBO is the universe of abstractions.  Some place holders will be replaced with work from others as it evolves.  Some of this will not migrate to Pink, Yellow Green ,but may be used in testing.


Slide 7 begs for help on additional abstractions needed in FND.  Lynn: Is it better to raise a JIRA issue of communicate directly to FCT? In this case FND. MB, it depends on where you are in your process. Discussing, or need an action.  


MB and Elisa to review Quantities and Units in both FBC and FND together.  


Need to clearly distinguish between types of occurrents.  


Slide 11 shows that substantial progress has been made on Ownership and Control.  


Contract review for benefit of Lynn in UML model. Lynn: Where can I get more useful background information. Where is what that I can use in Protege? MB: Protege must be told what to ignore and not. Lynn: Where is this graphical info MB is showing? MB: It is all legacy and the traditional tools can be used.


MB will propose a solution to FND-46 and FND­47 by bringing in comments from Legacy Red FIBO.

Action Items





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