Dennis Wisnosky




20151103 FIBO-FND FCT


Refer to slide stack:


Use case review. prototyping from EA. Pink FIBO has all current work.


Quantities and units, currency and so on.


Moving content to CCM tool.  Reference slide.


Pink vs. red FIBO slide.


DCTs Support slide shows where we get what we need. We created a wiki page for our requirements. Much for FND to do is wrt other FIBOs.


Roadmap slide shows work done in Quantities AND Units, contingents and occurrence, transactions and ownership and control.


Recap since last mtg includes JIRA triage, ownership and control


JIRA triage 45, 40, 8, 5, 37,  36  -doc and records.


44, 39, 34, 21 addresses.


38 organizations, Etc.


28 issues in all have been clustered.




FND­38. FormalOrganization onto needs restrictions.  MB: writes a proposal into the JIRA issue adding a new property.


FND­36 MB: writes proposal to use legacy FIBO because the FIBO­LOANS / MISMO

has no ontology for this.


FND­19 Calendar period is misclassified. MB refers to the work of Linnehan. MB

looks at the reason why and changes the name to eliminate future confusion. Now says calendar period type.


FND­11  MB declares issue moot because of other changes already made.  Closed!



Action items