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Dennis Wisnosky





20151020 FIBO-FND FCT




Suggestion by MB -  Team members names on title slide is a great idea.




CCM discussion - next version will create and output annotations. Next version will be used to test annotations. Version after that will do the round trip.  Other tools are also coming along.




We will not use Protege for Onto editing. Can use VOM or CCM to do this for now.




Other FCT’s coming along. Focusing on what FND needs to have to support other FCTs. 




For FIBO-BE, Ownership and Control needs to have Shares defined in FND for their work. Need to be careful about scope control within the OMG process.




Red FIBO had an issue that was created accidently. Being fixed.




John Gemski suggests each FCT could publish their list of concepts and definitions and their source and that can then be put into a FIBO overview/intro document as an index into FIBO




MB runs through many slides about the FIBO process and FND status.  These are in a separate wiki page for FIBO-FND.




JIRA discussion




FND-42 ­ MB will do.


FIBO­ FND­41 will do




FND­40 will work this when looking at stock equities.




FND­39 ready to go forward




FND­38 No conclusion




FND­37 No conclusion




FND­36 No conclusion




FND­35 No conclusion




FND­34 No conclusion




Homework assignment – Review JIRA

Action items