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Dennis Wisnosky









CCM needed to be 100% to fully support these meetings. MB has various work arounds for now.




IAN: Does Red FIBO depend on Green FIBO. MB: not exactly, but there are relationships that we are learning now to manage.




Slide 8 use cases: While Use Cases have been identified, more work needs to be done because FND must aline and again lead other FCT's.




Slide 9 - reviews Loans Use Case ­ FND has been asked to review abstractions in Red FIBO that will be needed to support Loans particularly related to Contracts and Temporal Concepts.




Slide 10 - FBC Use Cases ­ EK is to be commended for all of her hard work and how she has appropriately linked to FND concepts.




Slide 11 ­ BE continues to struggle with People, legalPerson and other relationship definitions. There are many proposals. FND should not be affected.




Slide 12  - Occurrent Use Cases will support activities, processes and workflows.




Slide 14 ­ FND Roadmap is designed to keep in step with other FCTs. We need to work on dates matching their dates for concepts in FND.




Slide 15 - Roadmap status shows much conceptual work done in Quantifies and units, Continuants and occurents and transactions.




JIRA Review:




FND­28 Pellet detected an untyped datatype percentage. Need to investigate this with originator who I believe was Pete.




FND­5 Concept of Ownership and control.  FND­5 is indirect control. 




FND­8 will now refer to the Mediating Pattern, not the Lattice Pattern.




FND­9 asks for a label change fro occurenceKind and Occurence. SBVR also uses these concepts. Need to work to resolve.




FND­33 buys, buysFrom, sells does not align with the Lattice Pattern. We  have till Dec to figure this out.




Discussion on how to resolve issues. Resolve them in the tools that will be used for the OMG submission. I.E OMG compliant tools.


Slide 21 ­ State discussion There is now agreement on this that must be added to the model.




Slide 23 - Completes definitions on occurrent.




Slide 38  - homework

Action items


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  1. Here are the slides.


    Copies of all slides are also on the "Meeting Slides" page - see menu at left.