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Dennis Wisnosky



Proceedings: 20160626 FIBO-FND Technical Meeting.docx


20160626 FIBO-FND Technical Meeting




MB presents his slides:




John Gemski:  Duration and non culminating are different. An example of duration is that a bond can pay interest every 6 months. An example of non culminating is a perpetual bond - never matures.




Rob Nehmer:  The random/intensional dimension seems poorly worded. Random is a type of unintensionality but not all unintensional events are strictly speaking random. I believe in the finance domain, we should use a stricter sense of random.




Dennis Pierson:  Stochastic? There may be an intention, but all we know is that it happens and is unpredictable




Mike Bennett:  Dynamic versus non dynamic




Arthur: Plan, Process: Is a schedule a process with milestones and resources assigned?




Mike Bennett:  Are States always non instantaneous?  States are non dynamic in our new dynamic v non dynamic. Then a"Binary Event"can be defined in terms of a change between states.




Rob Nehmer:  Is a trigger event, such as in a contract, an instantaneous state, at least in some cases?




DWiz:  According to Merriam-Webster, accomplishment and acievement are synonyms. They mean exacltly the same thing. Why shold we complicate this. Stanford is wrong, if what they say is what you drew.  Full Definition of ACCOMPLISHMENT 1 : the act of accomplishing : completion 2 : something that has been accomplished : achievement




Dennis Pierson:  Accomplishment has a stronger implication of some side effect of completion, ie something was accomplished. Achievement might be just passing a milestone. Close but not identical.




DWiz:  I go with the research of what millions are saying and Webster documents. All of this talk is just talk it is unnecessary complication of what is already accomplished.




Arthur:  "Accomplishments (e.g., eat an apple, drawing a circle) are telic, they have a climax. An accomplishment is sometimes called a culminated process [87], because it has a particular culmination and a particular (constituent) process or activity associated with it [43]. Additionally, contrary to activities and states, accomplishments are anti-homogeneous and anti-cumulative."




Mike Bennett:  Milestone - rather than the achievement ofsomeGoal, it is the goal which you achieve.  Synonymous with Goal.




Dennis Pierson:  (IMO) accomplishment has more sense of completion than achievement




DWiz:  This is America. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. My opinion is that replowing a seeded field destroys the chance of a crop.




Mike Bennett:  Plan is in the future. Plan is actualized. Then you have descriptive metrics.




DWiz:  Responding to the need for a definition of capability.  “I sent in the DoD definition at the last meeting.”




Rob Nehmer:There is also the capability maturity model from, e.g.,   ISACA/COBIT




Maxwell Gillmore:  Can I throw in recurrence?




Action:  Mike Bennet to convert what has been learned in these homework meetings into RDF/OWL and present it to the FIBO-FND SME meeting next week.

Action items

  • Mike Bennett Mike Bennet to convert what has been learned in these homework meetings into RDF/OWL and present it to the FIBO-FND SME meeting next week. FND-16 - Getting issue details... STATUS