This is what will be shown for a Class in an ontology, in addition to the  1. Generic Content (applies to any type of Element)

Glossary/business user view

No additional content

Taxonomy view

Always shown

Immediate superclasses (excluding restrictions and other blank node class expressions which are covered by the generate business logic)

On request

Complete superclass hierarchy

Immediate subclasses

Complete subclass hierarchy

Structure view

Always shown

As for taxonomy

Properties for which this is the domain, including the following - taking into account any restrictions applying to the current class

  • whether a candidate key (e.g. inverse functional, key)
  • range
  • inverse
  • multiplicity (e.g. based on restrictions, functional properties)

On request

As for taxonomy

Properties for which this is the range, including the domain

Properties for which superclasses are the domain (inherited properties) including superclass name; also properties which have a minCardinality restriction

(Additional request) Properties which (implicitly) have owl:Thing as domain

Ontologist view

Always shown

As for structure

Properties commonly used for this class (for which superclasses are the domain with min cardinality of 0 (inherited properties))

Necessary restrictions, including full detail e.g. property and class (hyperlinked)

Necessary and sufficient restrictions

Disjoint classes

Equivalent classes/expressions

On request

As for structure


  Primary label

Restrictions using this class (e.g. All Values from X)

Expressions using this class (e.g. Unions used as range of a property)

Ontologies dependent on this class (that reference it in some way e.g. through domains, ranges, expressions)


Find shortest/all paths from this class to another specified class

  • No labels