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20170910 FIBO FPT RDF ToolKit

Mystery of 403 errors. Can see files on the server, but they will not load.   Dean demonstrates the problem.  This is JIRA INFRA 180.   Pete: Some files give 404 and some 403.  Randy downloaded the zip and all worked, but the problem is with FYN per our instructions on spec.  

ACTION:  Jacobus will go to the NGENIX server and look at what is going on re 403 and 404 errors.

Sept 30 release discussion.

Versions referenced by publish date by Jacobus is being worked on. Pete: How do people know the publish date in fibo-dev. JG: Build into the build job the date. Pete: Put the date in the exact file?  Send emails?  DA: would ignore emails, better to put onto the page. JG: Make a list so that people can pick the version they want. JG: Now only Master can be seen, not the pink branch. DA: We need a release notes page that shows WIP. Point to the branches that one might want and who is doing the work., E.G. David Frankel.  JG: Yes!  David F wants to take the labels in BIAN and insert synonyms into FBO that are BIAN alternatives. We will give him GitHub access to do this.  He could have maybe 100 files or just a BIAN file which would be easier? But this breaks FYN views. Pete likes a big separate file. DA says DF agrees. Makes governance easier. Could create a BIAN Domain. Pete: Having dates published more important than BIAN at the moment.

Linked Fragments is promised by Omar for Sept.

ACTION for DWiz to talk to DN about this.

Traditional SKOS is not being used by FIBO according to MB. Dean does not agree. We will do SKOS Alt Label per previous decision. FIBO uses what AGROVOC uses. FIBO generates SKOS per AGROVOC Best Practice. We will continue as we have been doing.

See Production and M aster - We need to have a page that shows other ontology products. DA: A page of release notes page would be a good jumping off page that would be the choices and the status. JG: Should be possible to go to the page, otherwise can’t be tested. Missing level of branch now and missing level of latest tags.  Dean: Lots of fidley stuff here to make that work. JG: Generate a list of contents for Sept at the least. Contents of the tags. Now Dean generates what is in Spec. Could change how this is done to put in a branch selection page.  After Jacobus does NGENIX issue with 40x errors, he will tackle this. He will go over Deans publish script code.   

Pete does not like the look of VOWL. JG would like an ontodoc directory. DA: How quickly can a class be found and what does its page look like? JG shows us. JG will do for Sept exactly what he is showing us now on BNY Mellon.  There will be a disclaimer with a link to the actual spec file.

Glossary needs to have the search function we have discussed and having a more simple version that is just a traditional glossary. DA: Most important is to make Glossary production automatic. Without this, then the glossary is hard to make. JL would need to do this. Or, we could redo the presentation layer in JSON and not use CCM at all. JG: Do more work on the Client side. DA: Half of the contents is from rendering the OWL logic in English. Other half is verbatim. Verbatim is easy. Rendering is not.   Cory: this is built into CCM, he thinks. Pete: What about just a SPARQL query?  Dean why redo the work.  DA: Let’s do both in parallel. A hack and generate JSON and build client side magic draw. We need headless MD for both.  JG: This would have additional benefit of machine readable version of the glossary.

Remove the FAO country and the W3C time Onto.

ACTION: Take out FAO country totally by Dean.

ACTION:  Dean will work with EK on the way to manage time onto. Refactoring is part of time stamp.


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