1) Where we are on our road map. 

2) Open Action Items

Quarterly Releases - terms

Quickly filling out spec...........

3) JIRA Issues Review -

4) Todays content discussion.

Name Space IRI and resource IRI policy

Domain and Subdomain  vs Domain and Module.  I have that we decided this.  Elie thinks we reversed, I find no evidence of this.

5) For next week.



Action items

  • Mike Atkin work on a very crisp definition of our core products as he sees them.  
  • Dean Allemang  Will move the SKOS Generator into the mainstream of the JG generator and will put the link to that next to the word Vocabulary on the HTML spec….page, noting that Glossary will eventually have several versions. Jacobus Geluk Make sure Deans knows who to load into spec.......
  • Jacobus Geluk Develop an architecture that is a picture of where things run and will run.
  • Elie Abi-Lahoud Get info that he needs from Dean to complete the FIBO Configuration ontology.  Dean Allemang to provide Elie what he needs.